Spring / Summer 2022

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Altered States is a printed beauty fashion publication about cultural innovation and authenticity. A loosely arranged collage of new editorial, photo essays and archival photography, that outlines a sincere appreciation of the authentic niches and artistic experiences, within hair and beauty. Every issue is the appreciation issue...


Elizaveta Porodina, Lucy Bridge, Eugene Souleiman, Gerry O'Kane, Afra Zamara, Samuel Bradley, Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, Michael Harding, Siddhartha Simone, Lola & Pani, William Barnes, Jimmy Owen Jones, Anton Gottlob, Sylvie Macmillan, Bolade Banjo, Bojana Kozarevic, Ciara O'Shea, Kim Rance,Jurga Ramonaite, Jeffrey Pearson, Esther Matilla, Evanie Frausto, Dan Duran, John P Heyes, Hannah Elwell, Pal Berdahl, Bari Khalique, Sarah Stedeford, Tom Wright, Jon Morales, Jai Odell, Jonathan De Francesco, Kiki Gifford, Zara Zachrisson, Emil Lombardo, Iain McKell, Bryce Anderson, Rick Gillette, Alexander Picon...

Shipping February 18th 2022
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