Beauty & Fashion

black grease


photographed by

xavier scott marshall

hair by

amidat giwa

styled by

kyanisha morgan

make up by

rebecca davenport

No items found.

MODELS Bibi at Storm, ALVA at Wilhemina, HAMDA K at Present,

HELENA at Premier, JAY JAY & AMINAT at Troy-Agency, AJ at Milk.

MANICURIST Simone Cummings at Jaq Management


In order of appearance

ALVA All earrings, necklace rings & shirt models own, suit & braces by Cenci vintage, badge by Bunney,

JAY JAY Coat by Christopher Kane, dress by 16 Arlignton,

AJ Earrings models own, dress by Ashley Williams,

BIBI Full look by Symonds Pearmain, earrings models own,

HAMDA Hairbow stylist's own, shirt by Cenci vintage, jacket & skirt by Charles Jeffery,

AMINAT Shirt and skirt by Cenci vintage, left ring models own, right signet ring by Conor Joseph,

HELENA Scarf and gloves by Cenci vintage, earrings models own, dress by Christian Dior.

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